Residency Programmes

for artists to develop new work and explore their practice further.

Circus Factory


Circus Factory supports artists to create work, be it for the stage or the street, be it circus, physical theatre or street performances.

There are two kinds of Residencies:

  • Hired Residencies where artists rent the space for 1 or 2 weeks to research, create or rehearse a show
  • Residencies where we can support with space as benefit in kind, or when possible, with Arts Council funding we cover travel, accommodation and per diems

Please complete the form to help us understand your proposal and how we can help support you.



Aduantas Aerial


Derived from aduain – aduantas describes a feeling of unease, anxiety or fear brought on by unfamiliar surroundings. Aduantas are looking to create a performance art-piece melding aerial dance, theatre, storytelling, and floor acrobatics, appropriate for public consumption in an outdoor setting with social distancing. The performance incorporates bespoke music and sound, together with innovative lighting in a night-time/evening spectacle.

Natasha Bourke


Ireland-based interdisciplinary artist of Irish/Dutch descent with a fine art and extensive movement/circus background. Natasha will be working with a number of collaborators to develop new solo work incorporating live sound, projection,vertical dance and tightwire.

Kathleen Doherty


Kathleen will work with performance collaborator, Alexandre Duarte, where they will be looking at the adaptability of work to new spaces, continued creation of rigging scenography with multiple points and internalised development of the emotional ideas and themes present.

Eimear Ní Mhaoldomnaigh


Eimear is a multidisciplinary performance artist, who’s art explores themes of identity, sexuality, autonomy, perception and the dichotomy of human emotion.

Kate Mitchell


Kate is a practicing circus artist for the last 7 years, she recently took part in the Factory Days residency and spent a week researching shapes with her hula hoops.

Linda Cullen


Linda studied aerial dance in Europe, specialising in fusing movement, theatre and dance. Her background is in street theater and performances that engage topics of body image, femininity and ceremony.

Jude Marcus Penders


Jude is a performer, a creator, a commentator. Philosopher, poet, and musician. Aiming to facilitate a deeper understanding of the world and of humanness through art, creating performances that foster and develop intimate connections with audiences. Jude will use his residency time to work on his first solo show - a currently untitled story of trauma, fear and hope from a Queer Irish experience.

Elisa Gallo Rosso


Elisa is a performer artist committed to facilitate enjoyable, evocative and imaginative theatre, creating moments of connection with people in unusual settings. The residency at Circus Factory will allow Elisa to experiment an ambitious production’s to present in 2022, which requires an innovative approach that integrates puppets making, immersive theatre and video/sound technology.

Vicki M.Davis


Vicki M.Davis is a Visual Artist based in Cork city. A recent graduate of TUDublin, B.A.V.A. on Sherkin Island, Vicki, utilises a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary mediums to engage with current social issues. Where symbolism and language play a vital role Vicki blends circus and figurative expression. The body as object is a common thread throughout her work and if you don’t find her filming herself on a circus apparatus she will be creating interactive sculptural forms.

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