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What is it?

Aerial Silks is the art of learning to climb, move and choreograph movements in the air with the support of the aerial fabric and technical wraps to secure the body in a position. Our classes teach Beginners through to Improvers with skills involving climb techniques, wraps and key holds such as catcher and hipkey positions. We also focus on the necessary body preparation exercises for this demanding yet beautiful art form.

For Who

Our classes are suitable for all adult ages, levels and backgrounds. We have classes deigned for different levels: Complete Beginners / Advanced Beginners and Improvers. Students are matched to their class level and encouraged to develop at their own pace to make sure they build confidence and strength in a safe manner.


Programme runs in 6 week terms. Individual class duration is 1.15 hrs. Morning aeria on Mondays currently run as a drop in programme (pre-register online)

Introduction Classes are also available on Wednesday evenings from 8pm - 9.30pm. Please see our Introduction Class page for the upcoming schedule of classes.


Brenda Long
Jordan Walshe



Mixed Aerial for Beginners 5 week course booking €87.50


Aerial Silks (Advanced Beginners) / 6 week term €105.00
Aerial Silks (Advanced Improvers)6 week term €105.00 (Please contact us before booking so we can ensure your experience is consistent with the level being taught).

Single session registrations will only be made available should the the course not fully book out.



View our time table and select the class you wish to register for. This wil bring you to our GoTeamup booking page.

Single Session Registrations are only available if term is not fully booked and you meet the experience level for that class. If you are looking to join a term after it has started please email Louisa at to discuss options.

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About Safety

Circus Factory has professionally installed aerial rigging and all equipment and hardware undergoes regular inspection. All equipment is rigged at a low accessible level with professional landing mats mandatory for practice training. Our aerial Coaches are experienced aerial artists and have a high level of previous teaching experience. All classes are conducted with Covid 19 protocols in place.

Aerial Silks


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