Chinese Pole

for adults at all levels

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What is it?

Chinese Pole is a vertical fixed rigged pole with a rubber coating. The performer uses the friction and counter force positions to ascend, descend and move around the pole. More advanced tricks include dynamic grip release drops and inversions.

For Who

The Chinese pole is suitable for all levels to start with beginner level. As strength in basic climbs and positions are developed more advanced transitions can be introduced. The performer will normally wear full non elastane clothing which works with rubber coating of the pole, including light plimsolls or flexible climbing shoes.




We do not have any Chinese Pole programme currently on offer. Please see our private coaching for more options.


Introduction Classes are also available on Wednesday evenings from 8pm - 9.30pm. Please see our Introduction Class page for the upcoming schedule of classes.


Chinese Pole Introduction Class coming up on April 20th!


Michaela Heyer

To get more information about upcoming classes please contact us.

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About Safety

Circus Factory has professionally installed aerial rigging and all equipment and hardware undergoes regular inspection. All equipment is rigged at a low accessible level with professional landing mats mandatory for practice training. Our aerial Coaches are experienced aerial artists and have a high level of previous teaching experience. All classes are conducted with Covid 19 protocols in place.