Cyr Wheel Acrobatics

for adults at all levels

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What is it?

Cyr Wheel is a large human sized metal circular ring in which the performer builds centrifugal momentum by spinning the wheel on its central axis and performing movements within the central axis space of the spinning wheel.

For Who

The Cyr wheel is suitable for all levels at beginner level. It can take time and practice to master the initial spinning and stepping and holding the central space as the wheel continues to spin. Beginner practice also involves manipulating the wheel standing outside of the central space, helping the student to understand the qualities of the wheel and safety positions when working with a large metal object.




We do not have any Cyr classes currently on offer. Please see our private coaching for more options.


Cormac Mohally

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About Safety

Circus Factory has professionally installed aerial rigging and all equipment and hardware undergoes regular inspection. All equipment is rigged at a low accessible level with professional landing mats mandatory for practice training. Our aerial Coaches are experienced aerial artists and have a high level of previous teaching experience. All classes are conducted with Covid 19 protocols in place.