Hand Balancing

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What is it?

Hand balancing or Handstands is the art and practice of holding an inverted body shape using the hands and arms as the main support. There can be many variations to the hand stand position such as tuck, pike, and straddle legs positions, including the more advanced one arm hold. Handstands can be performed from the floor, canes, blocks or more creative sub structures. Handstands can be trained individually or as part of a partner or group acrobatic team.

For Who

Hand balancing can be practiced at all levels. It is a progressive discipline with many beginner skills to master before advancing to more difficult moves. Practice training involves body preparation including the strengthening and mobilising of muscles and joints necessary to develop a safe practice.




We do not have any hand balancing programmes currently on offer. Please see our private coaching for more options or read about our circus acrobatics class for a more general introduction to hand balancing as part of a wider programme of acrobatics.


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About Safety

Circus Factory has professionally installed aerial rigging and all equipment and hardware undergoes regular inspection. All equipment is rigged at a low accessible level with professional landing mats mandatory for practice training. Our aerial Coaches are experienced aerial artists and have a high level of previous teaching experience. All classes are conducted with Covid 19 protocols in place.