Pitch'd Festival



The theme for the 5th Edition of Pitch'd Festival is "Next Steps"

In the chaos that surrounds us let’s use the festival to remember and experience why a healthy culture of arts is important to us all. The artist needs an audience, and the audience needs art, so let’s celebrate each other’s achievements, let’s begin conversations about how we, as artists and audience can plot and navigate our way towards a collective future. 

TeaTime Company

Circus Factory and The Everyman presents “TeaTime Company’s – A Matter of Time”
at Firkin Crane Sept 9th & 10th


Tickets: €18 + booking fee

Three performers disobey the laws of nature as they challenge each other to defy gravity, bend time and reach the impossible. Newton, eat your heart out. How far can you bend the rules before they break? A performance that moves between circus and dance, juggling and movement, bodies and juggling balls, the possible and the impossible. 

Pitch’d Festival Gala

Circus Factory and The Everyman presents “Pitch’d Festival Gala”
Sept 18th at The Everyman

Tickets: €21 + booking fee


Hosted by the legendary Bryan Quinn, the Gala show is an opportunity for Corkconians young and old to see the cream of the crop perform sweet and juicy numbers. Think of it like a delicious ice-cream sundae, but with more glitter, more splits, and more wow moments than you can shake a stick at.

Kundle Cru Blame Game

Irish Premiere - “Blame Game by Kundle Cru”

Circus Factory and The Everyman presents “Blame Game by Kundle Cru”

Sept 17th @ Circus Factory 


Tickets: €15 +booking fee

We are delighted to present the Irish Premiere of a very unique merging of Hip Hop and Circus. Kundle Cru is a new company of international artists led by Mateusz Szczerek and Alessio Motta with Dutch juggler Liza van Brakel, Ugandan Krump dancer Timothy Kakeeto and Belfast based circus artist Angelique Ross.

Produced by Crying Out Loud in association with Rua Red and Belfast International Arts Festival, Ireland with support from Arts Council Ireland.

Late Night Cabaret

Circus Factory presents the Late Night Cabaret
Sept 16th at Circus Factory Cork


Tickets: €15 +booking fee

Hosted by Coco Comedy Legend Cornelius, this Late Night Cabaret will kick your weekend off with some off the wall acts. It’s 18+, so don’t bring your kids or else they’ll develop Coulrophobia (COOl-ruh-FOE-bee-uh) aka a fear of clowns!

Late Night Cabaret at Circus Factory Cork
Bill and Fred, and Bunny Bunny.

Sunday Night Double Bill

Circus Factory presents Bill and Fred, and Bunny Bunny

Sept 18th 


Tickets: €15 +booking fee

Bill & Fred Productions followed by Bunny Bunny. Catch 2 great companies, and the styles of Dance and Clown back to back.

Festival Club : PakAnimal Live

Circus Factory presents Pak Animal
Sept 17th at Circus Factory Cork


Tickets: €15 +booking fee

‘Pak Animal’ are an improvised collective lead by rapper 0phelia. Provocative rhythms and poetic wizardry laced with underground flavours.

Pak Animanl Ophelia, Pitch'd Festival
SOUP Deirdre Griffin

SOUP at Dance Cork Firkin Crane

Circus Factory and Dance Cork Firkin Crane present SOUP

Sept 23rd & 24th 


Tickets: €15 +booking fee

Soup is a kinetic shrine to my mother and an absurd meditation on the process of grief. It exists inside a fey mirror world built out of vegetables, polystyrene heads, the kitchen table and inhabited by a sinuous doppelgänger. Performed with a mutant physicality, it is simultaneously brutish, sensual, ridiculous, and vulnerable, Soup see-saws between hilarious and harrowing as it reaches for a shared state of catharsis with the audience.

Deirdre Griffin established her performance company, Headonbody, to create works characterised by wild absurdity and high physicality. To date her company has presented shows in Ireland and Germany. SOUP is a collaboration with sound artist Craig Cox and was nominated for Best Performer award Radical Spirit Award at Dublin Fringe Festival 2019.

Fired-Up Cabaret

Circus Factory presents Fired-Up Cabaret at the Marina Market

Sept 17th 


An outdoor evening cabaret for all ages at the Marina Market, featuring fire performers from Rogu Fire Festival and many more

Fired up Cabaret
Piano Circus Pitch'd Festival

Piano Circus @ Circus Factory

Circus Factory presents Piano Circus at Circus Factory Cork

Sept 23rd 


A special Culture Night event, we are delighted to be funded through the Late Night Economy Scheme and open our doors from 10pm to midnight. We are inviting musicians and circus artists to improvise and ‘jam’ together, allowing us to experience ephemeral art, but more importantly, pay those artists for their time.