Pitch'd Festival



Find us around Cork City and County to catch cool circus and scintillating street arts!

Marina Market Sept 17th : 1.30pm – 5.30pm – FREE

Lapps Quay Sept 17th : 2.00pm – 6.00pm – FREE

Lapps Quay Sept 18th : 1pm – 3.30pm – FREE

Cornmarket Street Sept 23rd : 6pm – 9pm – FREE

Douglas St Sept 25th : 1.30pm – 5.30pm – FREE

Macroom Food Fest Sept 25th : 1.30pm – 5.30pm – FREE


Bill and Fred Grannies

Bill & Fred Productions presents “The Grannies”

Catch The Grannies @ Marina Market Sept 17th And catch their show “Adventures @ Circus Factory Sept 18th as part of the Sunday Night Double Bill

The Grannies, Billie & Frieda are two older women sharing their life experiences and giving older people back their sexuality. Full of cheekiness and charm, they are lively and innocent, which is why they can do almost anything they want since no one is gonna hold them accountable for it.
Under their hilariously captivating bond, lies the hard truth of what it means to become old.

Choreographers & Performers: Elysia Mc Mullen & Luisa Schmitz
Dramaturge: Evangelos Biskas

Special thanks to Noelle Ní Ríagáin, Circus Factory, Wexford Arts Centre and Corpo Macina


Catch the Super Stars at Lapps Quay, Marina Market, Cornmarket St and Douglas St

Ready, Steady, Hup, it’s time for some super cool circus with Jimmy, Gabbo, and Eimear. These three circus enthusiasts love to do Circus cause it’s the bestest thing ever. On a mission from the Circus Gods to share their amazing tricks with the world, whether the world wants it or not, our circus heroes will charm their way into your hearts. You’ll see that there’s no such thing as failure, only another chance to try it again. And before you know it you’ll be trying it too because this 20 minute circus is followed by a “Circus Disco” for 40 minutes.

This Circus Factory production has been made possible with support by the Arts Council and Tomar Trust

Superstar circus cork
strongwomen science cork pitch'd

Strong Women of Science

Catch them at Marina Market 17th,  Lapps Quay 17th & 18th, The Everyman 18th

Ever wanted to know how you balance a chair on your chin, if you can juggle liquid, or how circus performers eat fire? StrongWomen Aoife and Maria reveal the scientific secrets behind their astounding tricks. In a fun, lively and fast-paced family circus performance, find out how jugglers, acrobats and hula hoop artists use science to create their amazing acts.

StrongWomen Science doesn’t only illustrate scientific facts. It seeks to promote inquiry, inventiveness and accessibility in science, making it open to all, in particular young women and girls. In addition to demonstrating scientific principles in fun and accessible ways, it looks at the worth of failure and the power of teamwork, both shared by science and circus.

Performers : Maria Corcoran & Aoife Raleigh

Producer : Dea Birkett

Turas Theatre presents “Remnants”

Catch Remnants @ Marina Market Sept 17th & Lapps Quay Sept 18th

Turas Theatre Collective are a small scale street theatre company based in the west of ireland. They make collaboratively devised theatre working with performers, designers, writers, directors and musicians. They are interested in telling stories in different ways that interrupt and interact with everyday life – from comic roving shows to more serious choreographed presentations.  Their show Remnants, is a non verbal, physical theatre piece performed to a culturally rich soundscape that explores the themes of displacement, migration and homelessness. By presenting human stories and relationships that provoke the senses, we gently ask the audience to embrace a more culturally diverse and global world. Set loosely in the early 1900s the performance has a timeless quality that ripples into the present evoking an emphatic response to the global crisis we are all currently experiencing.Through the characters experience of homelessness and through their personal stories of displacement themes emerge around place and identity. Performers: Debbie Wright, Helen Gregg, Daniel Guinanne.  Director/Dramaturg: Eileen Gibbons.  Musical Director: Orlagh De Bhaldraithe.  Costume designer: Roisin Lennon.  Set designer: Gavin Morgan.  Props: Orla Clogher.  Special Thanks : Mikel Murfi and Marc Mac Lochlainn
turas theatre cork
squarehead projections

Squarehead Productions presents “For As Long As We're Here”

Catch them at Marina Market Sept 17th 2pm – 5pm

“For As Long As We’re Here” is a series of performance installations whereby circus artists perform an uninterrupted durational performance of a single circus trick. Performed over 3 hours, visitors are invited to freely move about and observe the performers as they are slowly transformed by the weight of time and effort.

The work is an attempt to reveal the individuals behind the obvious virtuosity of circus disciplines. While observing these pieces unfold, the initial feeling of impressiveness we are used to when seeing circus slowly fades away, only to have something more intimate take its place. 

The long performance durations guarantees that the performers arrive to a point where their expertise begins to deteriorate and they are able to enter a different state of mind and body as they strive to maintain their action.

For As Long As We’re Here premiered in 2021 at historical art institute The Bauhaus Dessau in Germany.

Director: Darragh McLoughlin

Production: Sophia Kurmann

Performers: Roman Skadra, Namer Golan

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR

Arts Council of Ireland – Circus Project Award

Bauhaus Dessau

Schloss Brollin

AKenEvilThing presents “ Works of Unparalleled Genius”

Catch the movies at Marina Market Sept 17th 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Ken Fanning of AKenEvilThing is a circus legend, a maverick filmmaker and agent of chaos. “Works of Unparalleled Genius” is a collection of his films – some old, some not so old, some never seen before. AKenEvilThing works out of an abandoned caravan, parked behind a Presbyterian church in east Belfast; formed in 2008 after claiming a camcorder from the lost and found of the travelling circus.

They are an award-winning, international screening film company that specialised in circus for the screen, building better films with a Molotov cocktail of circus and punk cinema.

Cast : Circus freaks from all over the world

akeneveilthing, circus movies
Bill Iriwn

Bill Irwin presents “The Bill Irwin Chronicles”

Catch Bill Irwin at Marina Market & Lapps Quay Sept 17th / The Everyman Sept 18th / Culture Night Sept 23rd / Douglas St Sept 25th

Who is Bill Irwin? People tend to think of him as an actor, a dancer, a performance artist, a vaudeville clown. Sometimes it’s sort of hard to describe exactly what Bill does, but people who have seen him agree – he does it well. And Pitch’d is just over the Moon that this Living Legend is coming over to grace our streets and our stages.

His original works, created with collaborators, include The Regard of Flight; Largely New York ; Fool Moon; Old Hats, The Happiness Lecture; and others. His theater credits include Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Goat, Waiting for Godot, Endgame, The Iceman Cometh, and ON BECKETT.  On television Irwin can be seen in character roles including Mr. Noodle of Elmo’s World, Dr. Lindstrom of LAW and ORDER SVU, and Carey Loudermilk of LEGION. His film credits include Rachel Getting Married, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Eight Men Out, Interstellar, and Stepping Out. Irwin gratefully acknowledges the fellowships that have allowed him to experiment in the theater.

“Whether doing classic mime (“Fool Moon”) or children’s television (“Sesame Street”), this uncanny comic actor has always exuded the sense that he is listening to music that no one else can hear.”    – The New York Times

Special thanks to Laurie Uprichard of Dance Cork Firkin Crane & David Bruin of Celebration Barn in the United States

Pedro Tochas presents “THE SCULPTOR CLOWN”

Catch Pedro at Culture Night Sept 23rd / Douglas St Sept 25th

Pedro Tochas is The Sculptor Clown, a Portuguese master of crowd interaction who builds silent movies before your eyes, complete with love, heroes, and villains. Witness The Sculptor Clown crafts a complete story from nothing more than his imagination and a touch of help from the audience.

A visual treat for all the family that will entertain and amaze.

Pedro is a regular street and stage performer, a past cast member for a popular Portuguese TV comedy series and a judge for a famous TV show in Portugal. He gained his prowess through studies in physical theatre and comedy at the Celebration Barn Theater (USA) and Circomedia-Academy of Circus Arts and the Physical Theatre (UK)

Pedro Tochas - The Sculptor Clown
woman on chinese pole at festival

Michaela Heyer presents “Funky Fi”

Catch Funki Fi at Culture Night Sept 23rd / Macroom Food Festival Sept 25th

Meet Funky Fi, she’s fun, she’s funky and a little bit cheeky. And she’s trying to get on top of her 5 metre pole which is a long way up…

This is a highly interactive 20 minute street show with lots of comedy, audience interaction and aerial acrobatics 5 metres off the ground! Suitable for and enjoyed by all ages.

Women in Ceremony presents “Cart go Leor”

Catch Cart go Leor at Culture Night Sept 23rd / Douglas St Sept 25th

The unruly duo “ Women in Ceremony” present their new walkabout “Cart go Leor”, a magical world of Ritual and Shenanigans. Bone, feather, talisman and flower, these are the treasures of the otherworld cart, as it meanders through the street to bring magical ritual to all it meets. These wild women take you on a journey with their songs and stories, cajole you gently with their dancing and fooling, till you completely forget why you popped down to the shops in the first place. Then after they have crossed your palm with a blessing, they will send you off to continue about your day, with a new found lightness in your step and a glint in your eye. That’s when you know you have been “Cart go leor-ed”!!

women in ceremony walkabout streetshow
ruichi fire show

Riuchi presents Ki

Catch Riuchi at The Everyman Sept 18th

Riuchi crafts a visual realm that defies logic, gravity and expectations mixing traditional and contemporary magic techniques to produce an unexpected sense of wonder.

The character RIUCHI – warrior and alchemist at once – comes from the imagination of the performer’s Asian identity. The artist grew up nourished by Japanese animation, dreaming of jumping high while launching fireballs at imaginary assailants. From those fictional adventures of struggle and triumph a tale was born and Riuchi emerged from a mystical Eastern land. Riuchi communicates through movements that are based on the theories of martial arts through self-taught techniques and training. Within this context, he creates movements enriched with grace, purity and focus that seem effortless. Riuchi has received several awards and became one of the winners of Ireland’s “New Emerging Artists” for 2016.