Private Coaching

one to one session with a circus coach

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What is it?

Private coaching is typically a one to one session with a Circus Coach in a discipline of your choosing.

We cannot always offer full classes in every discipline that is practiced at Circus Factory due to requirements of the space so private coaching is a way to offer the variety of skills that are available to train at Circus Factory.

For Who

Our classes are suitable for all adult ages, levels and backgrounds. Students are encouraged to develop at their own pace to make sure they build confidence and strength in a safe manner.

Duration & Price

Typically private coaching lasts 1 hour for a one to one session at a fee of €45.00.
If you are looking for more time we would discuss that with the coach and based on your discipline.


Here are examples of the type of disciplines we can offer private coaching. Note tutor availability is dependent on the time of day or evening that is requested and on the skill level required.

  • Aerial Silks, 
  • Aerial Hoop, 
  • Static Trapeze
  • Handbalancing
  • Chinese Pole
  • Wall running / Vertical Dance
  • Juggling
  • Hulahoop
  • Tightwire (low training wire)

If you are interested in a private coaching session, please contact us.

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About Safety

Circus Factory has professionally installed aerial rigging and all equipment and hardware undergoes regular inspection. All equipment is rigged at a low accessible level with professional landing mats mandatory for practice training. Our aerial Coaches are experienced aerial artists and have a high level of previous teaching experience. All classes are conducted with Covid 19 protocols in place.