In line with our professional development policy, Circus Factory seeks to support emerging and established circus artists and multidisciplinary practitioners through education, performance and professional development opportunities.

Circus Factory


Who is Circus Factory Membership for?

Circus Factory membership is open to practitioners and professional circus and multidisciplinary artists, with skill to train independently and to students attending our classes who are looking for further training access outside of class times to help develop their practice.

Membership is for anyone who meets specific standards, competency and conduct, and wants to develop their personal practice, and access our facilities outside of class time.

Training Times

Additional raining is available day time through out the week,  as shared training alongside classes in the weekday evenings  and incudes facilated open training sessions on Wednesday Evenings and Sunday mornings. 

The training timetable is run on GoTeamUp and members are required to register for their training times online.


Additional facilitated training is available for new members, usually Wednesday and Sunday, so check our calendar! These sessions are also available for drop ins for €15. NOTE facilitated training is not a class, and should only be attended by people who can train on their own. 

Our members training timetable is run via GoTeamUp and members are required to register for all sessions.


1 Month New Member Training pass: €40

3 Month Practitioner Training pass: €90

12 Month Practitioner Training Pass: €340

Professional Membership: €60 per annum


Read our full Membership Policy here

Member Benefits include New Member Practitioner Professional
Vote at the AGM  n n y
Training at facilitated sessions y y y
Training outside facilitated sessions when CF is available*** n y y
Professional Development Opportunities and Letters of Support n n y
Discounts on Workshops and Intensives  n 10% 20%
Mentorship from Artistic Director  n y y

*** Training sessions cannot be guaranteed due to residency or youth workshop requirements. 

*** Where training is available alongside adult classes or workshops please work around/with the tutor to ensure the class is able to take place comfortably and effectively while training.

To apply for membership please use the link above to fill out our short form (button link below)so we can understand your training history and  skills level.

Circus Factory Memberships
Facilitated Training



  • Professional Membership
  • €60per annum
    per ADDITIONAL €60 per annum
  • Vote at the AGM & Members Policy
  • Professional Development Opportunities and Support
  • Discounts on Workshops and Intensives
  • Listing on Artists Database and Paid Opportunities
  • ThinkLab
  • Mentorship from Artistic Director
  • Camera recording facilities

Ready to step up your artistc development?

Become a professional member of Circus Factory and you will open up a toolbox of extra supports and benefits to help you develop your artistic practice.


CF will communicate with members via email to disseminate information. We will endeavor to keep all members informed about upcoming events and residencies.

Code of Conduct:

CF is a communal training space, and we all adhere to the common agreements of

  • A friendly environment for all members and staff
  • Positive training and learning ethos
  • No training while intoxicated
  • Correct paging and tidying of training equipment
  • Respect for personal and shared equipment
  • Cleaning of general space as required (cups of tea, toilet, clothes)

Read our full Membership Policy here

Health and Safety:

Our full policy is available here



Members will be required to have knowledge of

  • Safe training practices
  • Knowledge and experience of rigging and paging
  • Comply with Covid cleaning protocols 
  • Respect for the communal space and security 
  • Knowledge of heating and lights
  • Respect to staff, shared equipment, and other members or students
  • For Keyholders a knowledge of opening and closing

Reviews &