Natasha Bourke

Natasha Bourke is an Ireland-based interdisciplinary artist of Irish/Dutch descent with fine art and extensive movement/circus background. Her practice embraces performance, lens-based media, installation, archive, drawing and sound. Bourke is an Irish Arts Council Next Generation artist and has presented live/filmic/installation work, solo and collaboratively, in numerous events across Ireland/Europe, since 2007.

The artist’s life/roots underpin her work contemplating themes of self and society including identity, isolation, institution, legacy, transience, perception, polarity, pathos and play. With a surreal, spectral and sincere aesthetic, Bourke continually investigates new ways to refine the different strands of her practice into a unique coherent poetic language, whilst maintaining an open process. She is in the final post-production stages of an Arts Council funded experimental feature film, Concrete Keys, and exhibited a highly-reviewed sister installation, rubblebubble, for IndieCork 2019. These works include Coneface, absurd performance alter ego, to poetically examine the individual’s place in a rapidly transforming vision of institutional society.

Recent work, T.U.G! Litter Womb, will re-emerge on Lough Foyle, Derry for EchoEcho Festival 2021 and is part of an ambitious new swimming pool-based performance vision that Bourke is developing with the support of the Arts Council, Firkin Crane, Cork City Council, Cork Midsummer and EchoEcho festival.